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Odessos wines received awards following the results of the International Tasting Competition, which was held as part of the Ukraine Wine & Spirits Awards 2021.

The event was held with the support and participation of the Ukrainian Sommelier Association and the International Sommelier Association in accordance with the international standards of the International Organization of Grape and Wine OIV.

Odessos winery results:
Gold medal:

Reserve Cabernet & Merlot 2019;
Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2019;
Limited Edition Cabernet 2019;
Pinot Noir 2020.
Silver medal:
Riesling 2020;
Limited Edition Cabernet & Marlot 2019.
Bronze medal:
Muscat 2020.

We wish you to personally evaluate our wines and put your own assessments!

Odessos continues to work with the brand with inspiration and already sets new goals for the upcoming year.

Wine & Spirits Ukraine is a unique international wine exhibition that takes place in Ukraine, where producers and experts from all over the world meet in order to popularize wine culture and the Ukrainian terroir.