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Acquaintance with "Odesos"

Anton Yordanov is a winemaker from Bulgaria. The first acquaintance with wine took place in early childhood, because Anton comes from a family in which winemaking is part of family traditions.

In 2006, he received a professional education in the field of winemaking, the only one on the Balkan Peninsula "University of Food Technology" in Plovdiv. 

In 2009 he defended his bachelor's degree and began a career in wine production, as a result, in 2009 he conducted his first professional campaign. Without stopping at what he had achieved, in 2009 he continued his development and training in "Wine Technologies" and "Financial Management". Until 2019, he conducted 10 wine campaigns and produced wines that won many gold and silver medals in world wine competitions, including a double gold medal for wine "Cabernet Franc 2016", with the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles. For 10 years Anton received 5 specializations in wine production in the USA, Germany and Italy.

Arriving in Ukraine in autumn 2019, the only purpose of the winemaker was to produce quality Ukrainian wines. Belief in the unique capabilities of Ukrainian lands and knowledge gained through experience - is the main driving force of the winemaker's dream.

"Ukrainian wine is still gaining its place on the map of high-quality wines in the world," says Anton.