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Sergey Shvets

The factory director

Sergey Shvets is from Nikolaev. Graduated from the National University of Shipbuilding named after admiral Makarov, specialty “Refrigerating machines and installations” qualification mechanical engineer. Has a diploma for the first place in the competition of diploma projects, several additional education.
Since 2011 Sergey has been working in Reikartz chain. His profile was the repair, modernization and installation of various refrigeration and ventilation equipment.

Earlier Sergey did not perceive wine as a serious drink. But after a trip to the winery in Lyubimovka, where Sergei was engaged in the installation of chillers, he “got sick” with wine.

After successfully defending the project, the team went down to the basement for a traditional wine tasting. Sergei decided not to taste the skeptical about this drink. But when a Canadian barrel with a two-year-old port was opened, Sergei heard the wonderful aroma of the wine, which greatly interested him. The love to wine has awakened.

It was then that the understanding came that wine can and should be expensive.

Today Sergey works as the director of Odesos winery and develops Ukrainian winemaking.