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Igor Shevchenko


Igor Shevchenko - sommelier of the city winery “Odesos”.

Igor's first educational institution was a college, specializing in Organization of Public Service. After graduation, he entered the Donetsk National Institute at the Faculty of Innovative Service Sector Management.

Since 2005 he began his professional career. First, Igor worked as a bartender in the boutique restaurant “Mario” (Donetsk), where the future sommelier learned about haute cuisine and wine culture, after which he continued to develop his professional skills in other places of work.

He got acquainted with Ukrainian winemaking in Crimea, where Igor's work was focused on the sale of local wines, in the first five-star hotel in the Crimea “Villa Elena”.
In 2014 he received a sommelier diploma at Vitaliy Kovach's school (Kiev).

After 6 years of work, having reached the level of chief sommelier, he accepted the offer of a chain sommelier from Reikartz.

Since 2019, Igor has been promoting Ukrainian wine made at Odesos winery, conducting master classes and tastings in Reikartz chain, and taking part in the «Wine Guide of Ukraine» project.